Put an end to child hunger


Did you know that approx. 17 million children in North America go to school hungry every single day?  We are committed in doing as much as we can to help donate meals to our local food banks and bring an end to child hunger in our local communities, and eventually world wide.  In Ontario 1 in 4 children go to school without food on a daily basis.  To us that is simply unacceptable and we are educating people how they can do their part to help. Did you know that you can donate a meal every time you pay one of your essential home or business services like phone, internet, wireless, gas, hydro, alarm systems, credit/debit processing fees, and tech support?  If you are interested in learning more about our program please contact zoran@unherdpro.com

Thank you for helping me reach my goal and be able to feed kids this Holiday season and every month going forward, I am not the only one who appreciates it!! #payitforward #feedingkids #willplayforfood Will Play For Food Foundation