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This picture was snapped at the Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica, in Runaway Bay.  Model, my mother, photgrapher my papa and the editor me :p



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Did you know that approx. 17 million children in North America go to school hungry every single day?  We are committed in doing as much as we can to help donate meals to our local food banks and bring an end to child hunger in our local communities, and eventually world wide.  In Ontario 1 in 4 children go to school without food on a daily basis.  To us that is simply unacceptable and we are educating people how they can do their part to help. Did you know that you can donate a meal every time you pay one of your essential home or business services like phone, internet, wireless, gas, hydro, alarm systems, credit/debit processing fees, and tech support?  If you are interested in learning more about our program please contact

Thank you for helping me reach my goal and be able to feed kids this Holiday season and every month going forward, I am not the only one who appreciates it!! #payitforward #feedingkids #willplayforfood Will Play For Food Foundation



Most of our experience in marketing online deals with international fashion brands and support of our retailers, sales team, and customers.  Our job is to facilitate an engaging conversation between the brand & consumer, and create a feedback system that is implemented in real time.  Being able to change, adapt, and quickly adjust to a shifting economy, market, and industry is key to not only staying ahead of competition but leaving an impact on your customer that will stand out!  #UnherdPro #Fashion #Retail #Marketing #Design #Studio #UNBlog

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We take an open approach unique to each solution and have a process oriented interactive system in place to complete projects on time with the highest quality not being compromised.  In addition to taking our own route to the final destination, we make many intergalactic stops along the way to consult with other artistic minds in the creation of your project.  It never hurts to ask advice from other creative minds who can only contribute to giving you a full spectrum of options for a final evaluation.  We are driven by a hard work ethic and relentless passion to solve communication problems that arise in large multi-national organizations, teams and small business settings.  #UnherdPro #UNBlog #Design #Process #Guide #DesignGuide


Creating a business identity. It starts with a solid foundation of a logo.  As simple as it may sounds this symbol is your most iconic and visible tool representing you.  An outstanding logo will not only separate you from the others, but it will set you up for success to feed other aspects of your branding.